Acoustic Doors


Acoustically the door is often the weakest part of a structure. Where a high level of acoustic integrity is to be maintained it is necessary to have suitably constructed, dimensionally stable and well sealed acoustic doors.
AES doors are available in single, double and sliding configurations to match the size, finish and operational requirements.

Construction Specification:

Doors are constructed from suitably stiffened galvanised steel trays packed with a heavy density mineral fibre infill commensurate with the acoustic performance required. Frames are either formed galvanised steel or rolled structural steel sections.

Colours & Glazing:

A variety of coloured finishes are available.
Double glazed vision panels can be provided.

Door Furniture:

AES do not standardise on door furniture as the requirements are dependent on the acoustic performance and access demands.

However we do stipulate the use of a positive pressure latch to ensure optimum compression of the acoustic seals.

High performance doors require a raised threshold and on double doors a central mullion. These can be made removable.

Due to their specialist nature and the need to optimise sealing, it is recommend that acoustic doors are installed by our experienced team of skilled fitters.

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Acoustic Performance:

Doors have been independently tested to BS 2750 for sound reduction and to BS 467 Part 22 for fire resistance.

Fire Resistance:

One, two and four hour rated doors are available.