Acoustic Panels & Enclosures


Acoustic panels are generally used to control airborne noise by forming an enclosure or barrier screen around the noise source. AES panels are particularly suitable for this purpose as their construction provides high levels of both absorption and sound insulation thus maximising the overall level of noise reduction achieved.

Panels are manufactured from high quality materials in a comprehensive range of finishes. They are easily assembled and are adaptable to suit the particular requirements of the project.

Typical applications include machinery enclosures, engine test cells, barrier screens and wall lining.

Construction Specification:

Standard construction is galvanised steel with a solid sheet outer and a perforated inner retaining a suitably packed dense mineral
fibre infill. In highly saturated atmospheres a protective waterproof membrane can be provided. Special construction hard-faced panels are also available where absorption is not required.

A special joining system is used to optimise the performance of a finished structure. Penetrations like ducts and pipes passing through a panel are acoustically sealed to prevent loss of performance.

Extras include windows, inspection hatches, access doors, ventilation openings including fan assisted.

Acoustic Performance:

Acoustic panels have been independently tested to BS 2750 for sound reduction and BS 3638 for sound absorption.

Acoustic Performance Detail Information

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