AES offers a full range of attenuators each being purpose made to suit dimensional and performance requirements. Splitter type units are available in five performance ranges in straight, bend or cross talk configurations. Circular units are available with or without a centrally located pod.

Construction Specification:

Outer casing:
Galvanised mild steel sheet with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm but variable depending on the standard duct work requirements.

Inorganic, non-hygroscopic, flame, moisture and vermin proof mineral fibre of a density to suit the performance requirements. Packed under compression to prevent the formation of voids.

Splitters / Pods:
Aerodynamically profiled or flat faced ends fabricated from a minimum of 0.8mm thick galvanised sheet steel. Facings formed from a minimum of 0.8mm thick perforated galvanised steel.

End connections:
Splitter type attenuators are Mez flanged as standard although any proprietary prefabricated flange is available. Plain spigot ends are available as an alternative. Rolled steel angle flanges are used where specifically requested or size dictates. Circular units have either drilled and tapped end rings or spigot ends.


Attenuator Range Identification Information

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Hostile Environments:

In moisture or grease laden environments the infill can be enveloped in ICI Melinex or glass cloth.

Where located in a chlorine- contaminated environment such as a swimming pool attenuators are protected by the application of chlorinated rubber paint.

Special constructions:

Attenuators can be fabricated from stainless steel or uPVC where conditions require and can be made with removable splitters to facilitate cleaning.